LocoAnalyse includes a message viewer. This allows the user to see all messages on LocoNet. This can be useful when debugging - for example to see if a board is generating messages.

You can use LocoAnalyse with the Intellibox system. To connect to the Intellibox:

  • Put the interface into mode "LocoNet": Basic settings, interface, syntax and select LocoNet
  • Set baud rate to 19200 Baud: in Basic settings interface, bit per second&ldots;
  • Set the UART of the interface to 1 stop bits: in Basic settings set 1 for special option 5.

Our products should work with Intellibox. The DTM30 has been tested and it works well. The other products should also work but we have no reports from trials.

LocoAnalyse stores the names of the files that your boards are programmed from in the registry. Every time it starts up, it loads those files so that the settings are available for editing.  If one of those files become corrupted, then the application may "hang" while it tries to read the file.

A LocoBuffer or Digitrax PR3 is recommended for this connection. An MS100 can be used, but will not function reliably on heavily loaded LocoNet layouts.

LocoAnalyse installation is simple, but you will need to know the COM port number for your LocoNet connection. (If you have previously installed an older version, you will also need to remove the old one first. Use "add/remove programs" in Windows control panel)

If you are having problems connecting to LocoNet with the Digitrax PR3, try setting LocoAnalyse to "MS100" rather than "PR3". Ignore the baud rate settings - just choose the correct "COM" port.

It is possible to use the PR3 as a bus master. This means you can program boards with no command station, and even operate DTM30 and DAC20 boards with no command station.

Boards are all marked with a serial number. Some boards use this number so that the "LocoAnalyse" program can communicate with them individually. The serial number has nothing to do with the addresses uses to operate the boards - for example DCC accessory or sensor numbers.

Some newer boards support programming of System Variables (SVs) directly through LocoNet, rather than requiring connection to a programming track. An example of this is the SIGM20 signal controller from Sig-naTrak.

Some users have reported problems installing LocoAnalyse under Windows 10. We suspect that this is related to security settings and configurations on individual computers - for example antivirus programs that we don't have available to test with and we have been unable to replicate such issues.