The programming process requires that all boards have a unique serial number. In most cases, vendors will number their products sequentially and it is unlikely that a user will have two boards with identical serial numbers....but it can happen. When it does happen, it is necessary to renumber one or other board; the programming messages allow this to be done easily using the PC.

  1. Run LocoAnalyse, and connect to LocoNet if it isn't already connected.
  2. Ensure that all your boards are powered up.
  3. Select "Renumber Boards" from the "Configure" menu
  4. Select "Discover Boards" from the "Board Numbering" menu. A list of all of the board found that support this type of programming will be filled in into the list box within a few seconds.
  5. Select the board to be renumbered in the list box.
  6. Choose a new number for it (A high number, say above 10000, is least likely to conflict with other boards)
  7. Select "Change Board Address" from the "Board Numbering" menu. The board number will be changed through LocoNet.
  8. Mark the board with its new number!