Connect up the LocoNet as shown: simply daisy chaining between the boards as required. Each board type will need its own power supply: connect DAC20 power feed to the "track" connections. The PR3 will also needa power feed - see its manual.

Make sure you don't have a command station on the LocoNet. Then press and hold the pushbutton next to the red LED on the PR3 for 2 seconds, till the red LED goes out. The PR3 is not providing the LocoNet power and termination!

By connecting the PC to the PR3 as normal and using LocoAnalyse, you can now program the DAC20 and DTM30 boards. The DTM30 will be able to change points on the DAC20, and its LEd will show the correct state.

DAC20 programming

  • Select "Use LocoNet commands"
  • Program each output cell to generate a turnout feedback message from stored state

DTM30 programming

  • Program the point cells to use turnout feedback