To recover from that, there is a way to tell the application not to load files at startup. To do so, it is necessary to run the program with a command line parameter "nofiles". This can easily be done using the "Run" command from the start menu.

  • Select "Run..." from the start menu
  • Press "Browse..."
  • Navigate to the folder where LocoAnalyse is stored (this is usually "c:\program files\cml electronics\locoanalyse" or "c:\program files x86\cml electronics\locoanalyse")
  • Select "locoanalyse.exe" and press OK
  • The "Open" command now shows "c:\program files\cml electronics\locoanalyse\locoanalyse.exe"
  • Add "nofiles" to the end so that it reads "c:\program files\cml electronics\locoanalyse\locoanalyse.exe" nofiles
  • Press "OK"
  • The program should now run, but it will not open any files
  • This has cleared the file list; you can now run it normally.

There may still be a corrupted file. If you had several files for several kinds of board, it may be necessary to experiment to see which one it can and can't open. The corrupted file will need to be recreated; using the board "read" capability will restore the correct logic, but not comments etc.