We have now updated our shipping module to include International shipping options of Standard (for orders <£100) and Signed For/Tracked (depending on destination) (for for orders <£500) for packages up-to 2kg in weight.

This is a weight and country based system and uses Royal Mail's "World Zones" ("Europe", "World Zone 1" and "World Zone 2") so while it may seem expensive to ship one item, shipping multiple items internationally in one package is substantially cheaper.

We have also now set up the VAT to calculate based on your country, so UK and EU customers will be charged VAT, but non-VAT countries will not. Once you have registered, the prices shown on the shop will also be shown correctly (with or without VAT as appropriate). For more information about the VAT Rate, please "hover" your mouse over the VAT note in the footer at the bottom of every page.


Following customer feedback about the CML product range, we are pleased to announce that we have now released a 4 port module that plugs into the DAC20 to allow you to use point motors by DCC Concepts, Kato & Fulgarex with the DAC20.

GFB Designs (developers of the Sig-naTrak® range of products) is pleased to announce that it has acquired CML Electroincs, a very successful business which has been producing DCC accessory modules specifically designed to connect to the LocoNet® network for around 15 years.

We aim to recommence production of the CML product range in the next 2-3 weeks and, at present, will continue to operate this part of our business from the (separate) www.cmlelectronics.co.uk website. In time, we will migrate the CML product range and website information into this website.

Our IMP Servo Controller now features simulated "bounce" for semaphore signals!

See our User Guides page for updated instructions.


We are pleased to announce that the development of our ACE model railway controller is progressing well!

The ACE is a fully-featured, but low-cost, DCC controller which has been designed to provide a very “user friendly” interface.

It offers many features found on “high-end” units but its novel design has led to low manufacturing costs and, therefore, a lower price to the end user!