Example: Switch or Relay contact

Some sensors present a switch or relay contact to indicate that a train is present. These can be connected between the sensor input and the +12v feed available at SK1 pin 1.

Example: IRDOT

The Heathcote Electronics “IRDOT” sensor can be used with the DSS1. The IRDOT is an optical sensor, and uses reflected infrared light to detect rolling stock position. Because it is an optical sensor, it is good for detecting the exact position, which is commonly needed for precise stopping.

The IRDOT LED output can be used to drive the sensor input (but do NOT connect at LED at the same time). Its LED output can be connected directly to the sensor inputs (SK5 pins 1, 3, 5 or 7). The IRDOT power can be provided by the DSS1. Connect its 12v input to SK1 pin 1, and its 0v terminal to SK5 pins 2, 4, 6 or 8. Do NOT connect its power to the same power source used for the DSS1!