Firstly, the outputs can be selected between 3 aspect and 4 aspect for each "half" of the board independently. Outputs 1-4, and outputs 5-8, are separately selected; when 4 aspect is selected, the last signal in the bank does nor drive LED outputs. Some possible legal combinations therefore are:

  • Signals 1-4 are 3 aspect; signals 5-8 are 3 aspect
  • Signals 1-3 are 4 aspect; signals 5-7 are 4 aspect (signals 4 & 8 not being used)
  • Signals 1-4 to be 3 aspect;signals 5-7 are 4 aspect (signal 8 not used)
  • Where 4 aspect signals are used, signals 4 & 8 respectively don't drive LEDs. However their logic is still programmed and they generate LocoNet messages as if they were driving signals. Thery can be used as "Virtual" signals where complex logic is needed.

The outputs for each signal are now labelled A-B-C-D for each signal. The manual shows which output provides each output.