The following causes have been found to cause problems with the SIGM20:

  1. Is the LocoNet cable plugged into front of UP3 or similar utility panel? The front connectors are suitable only for throttles because the rail_sync signals (a version of the DCC track signal) is not passed out to the front connectors. The LocoNet cable must always be connected to the rear connectors.
  2. Are the LocoNet cables OK? We are aware of several instances where a LocoNet cable that passes a test with an LT1 tester is actually high resistance, affecting the messaging.
  3. Is the jumper JP1 on the board removed? These should be REMOVED for normal operation, and only inserted for programming on a programming track.
  4. Is the board's green LED lit? If not, this suggests a problem with LocoNet cabling, or the track power is currently switched off.