Inserting the Processor

This is simply the case of removing the old processor, and reinserting the new one the right way round…. Being careful to get all of the pins aligned to the socket. To remove the old processor, onsert a lever (e.g. a thin screwdriver) between the processor and the socket and lever gently. Levering a little alternately at each end is better than levering one end out completely first. The “pin 1” end of the processor is marked with a bump in the end of the plastic package: it is installed with the pin 1 end nearest to the centre of the board. If the pins do not align well with the socket (they commonly point outwards a little), rest the processor on a flat solid surface so that its legs are touching onto the surface, and gently bend all 20 leads on each side until they all point downwards.

Programming the Serial Number

If you receive a new processor chip from CML Electronics, it will not have a serial number programmed into it. It is necessary to configure the serial number before the board can be programmed. This is simply done by following these instructions. 

The serial number for a new processor can be simply programmed by setting a switch number (equal to the serial number you want to program) to THROWN. It doesn’t matter if there is a point or other accessory at that number: the SIGM10 simply memorises the number of the first point it sees being set to THROWN.

If you are upgrading several boards with new processors, it is important that this procedure is followed one at a time for each board.

Simply disconnect all of the boards to be upgraded, then add them to LocoNet and go through this procedure one board at a time. 

  1. Make a note of the serial number required (this will be marked on the older processor removed from the board).
  2. Connect a LocoNet cable and board power to the board, making sure that only one upgraded processor is connected to LocoNet.
  3. Turn track power on, if it is not already on.
  4. The green LED on the board should now be flashing, approx once per second.
  5. Take a handheld throttle and put it into “switch” mode.
  6. Select the switch number equal to the serial number you want to program, and set it to THROWN
  7. …..and the SIGM10 sets its serial number to that number The green LED on the board should now be lit constantly, and the board will behave normally.
  8. Write the number onto the processor label for future reference.
  9. The chip as supplied has no programming. Reprogram your board as normal using Locoanalyse

 For example, to program a new board to serial number=37:

  • Power up the board;
  • Select switch number 37 on the throttle, and set it to THROWN.

(If you should inadvertently set the serial number of several boards because several new processors were connected, then simply follow the instructions for renumbering boards using the “locoanalyse” PC software).