If you use a throttle to set a point driven by a DAC20, and it doesn't respond, there could be several causes.

  1. Check that you can drive locomotives. (If not , track power may be off or in an "idle" state; reapply track power using your throttle)
  2. Is the green LED lit? (If not, track power may not be connected. Check the power connections).
  3. Does the board have the right address? (CV1 and CV9 set the base address. If you are using the "learn address" mode with the pushbutton, do NOT use track power off/on to apply power while the DAC20 button is pressed; use a switch or screwdriver instead. If you have used track power off/on while learning a new address, please re-do the address setting operation).
  4. There is an "option switch" in Digitrax command stations which, if set to "closed" stops normal point commands from working.  Using your Digitrax manuals check that Option switch 27 is set to THROWN for you command station.