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Product Description

The DSS1 "LocoShuttle" control automates train movements on a LocoNet controlled railway. It provides automatic control for train movements to create "background activity" or as part of the operating sequence.

Two simple sequences can be set up: an "End to End" shuttle and "station stop".

  • "End to End" mode. The train is shuttled between two terminus stations. each has an occupancy sensor; the delay at each end is programmable.
  • "Station Stop" mode. The train will stop at a station on a track loop. This can be every visit to the station, or it can be set to stop every n-th visit.

The DSS1 LocoShuttle needs sensors inputs to identify when trains have reached particular locations on the railway. Various kinds of train sensor are available, and can be used with this unit. (relays, Heathcote IRDot etc.)

More complicated sequences.

The LocoShuttle can control points along the route, and can wait for other events to be triggered by point/switch commands. This can also allow multiple DSS1s to interoperate / interlock.

The LocoShuttle can be used "out of the box" with no further programming: 4 simple sequences are pre-programmed into it. If it is necessary to use different sequences, the LocoShuttle can be programmed in two ways. Simple end-to-end or "station stop" sequences can be programmed. This needs just the use of a LocoNet throttle.

More complex sequences can be PC programmed. Free PC software to allow this is provided by the free "Locoanalyse" program. The unit will store up to 4 sequences, and each sequence can have 16 programmable steps.

The running speed of the train is set by the user when handing the train over to the LocoShuttle. Starts and stops have user programmed acceleration and deceleration to avoid sudden halts. The speed can be adjusted by the user if needed.

LocoShuttle has a simple user interface:

  • Two button control of operating sequence, and loco selection.
  • Two further buttons to increase or decrease running speed.
  • A 4 digit display shows the sequence number, state, and speed.

Product Documentation

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