ACE-2 DCC Controller by Sig-naTrak® v3.20

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Please Note: this will ship with the latest available v3.20 firmware.


Product Description

... bringing easy model railway control into the 21st century!

The ACE-2 is a fully-featured, but low-cost, DCC controller which has been designed to provide a very “user-friendly” interface.

It offers many features found on “high-end” units but its novel touchscreen interface design has led to lower manufacturing costs and, therefore, a lower price and higher specification controller to the end user!

How it works………

The ACE-2 uses a touch screen arrangement where the main operating modes are selected using clearly-labelled buttons below the display. Trains, points and signals are then controlled from their respective screen using the displayed on screen buttons, and sliders.

For modellers who prefer a more traditional approach to train control, we also offer the DRIVER handset (available separately). Up to four of these low-cost handsets may be plugged into the ACE, providing a rotary knob for speed control and a slide switch for forward/reverse. Five buttons are also included for train functions such as lights, horn etc.

Basic Specification

  • Up to 9999 train/locomotive numbers (addresses)
  • Up to 2044 point/signal (accessory) addresses
  • Track current – max. 5A using supplied power cable.
  • Choice of “short” or “long” address for EACH train
  • 16 different "function sets" for naming of function buttons and setting independent latching or non-latching functions
  • Up to 127 train and 85 accessory details stored in lists – details retained when the ACE is powered down
  • Each train or accessory in the list can be named (with up to 16 different "function sets")
  • Train and accessory decoders can be set-up (CV's programmed) either via a programming track or whilst running on your layout
  • Fully NMRA-compliant
  • UBI2044 USB Interface BUILT IN for software upgrades.
  • Compact unit – 220 x 145 x 40 mm

What's in the Box?

  • ACE-2 DCC Controller
  • Mains Power Supply
  • USB Cable
  • Accessory Bag -
    • Touch Screen Stylus
    • Track Power Connector Plug
    • Jumper for Screen Calibration and Factory Restore
  • Instruction Manual
  • Additional DRIVER handsets ordered with the ACE-2 may be shipped within the ACE box, or in retail packaging.

Product Documentation

Product Documentation

Here are the latest product manuals for the ACE controller. They detail the functionality of the ACE, and how to update the firmware.
Firmware Update manuals show only the changes from the manual. They will be incorporated into the next release of the full manual.

File Version: 1.3
File Size: 685.95 Kb
User Manual Supplement for users of v3.20 of the ACE.

File Version: 1.5
File Size: 1,619.07 Kb

File Version: 1.0
File Size: 241.00 Kb
Grid style template to allow you to plan and document the button names for each function set on the ACE DCC Controller. This one-page template features three grid templates to complete the names for the 27 function buttons in a function set.

Software Updates

Firmware Update Utility

This is required to install the latest version of the software onto your ACE controller.

File Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 645.02 Kb
Sig-naTrak® ACE Firmware Update Utility v1.0.3 Allows you to update your ACE with the latest firmware downloads availble from Sig-naTrak®

Firmware Updates

These are our latest firmware updates available for the ACE controller.

File Version: 3.20
File Size: 961.99 Kb
Version 3.20 ACE Firmware. Introduces multi Function set, momentary functions, touchscreen calibration, factory reset and various bug fixes.

File Version: 3.20H
File Size: 961.99 Kb
Version 3.20 ACE Firmware for 5.0amp DCS2044H ACE units Introduces multi Function set, momentary functions, touchscreen calibration, factory reset and various bug fixes.

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